• Position our cards about 20-30cm away from your baby’s face. Newborn babies can focus only 1-2 seconds on a specific image. The older the baby, the longer it will be able to focus on a card.
  • Move the cards slowly right and left, up and down and gently change the distance.
  • Talk about the pictures and use them to describe the world around you. What are the cards representing, what sounds are associated with the animals or vehicles, etc. Each minute you talk to your baby is a crucial investment in its future. A large percentage of our physical brain growth is complete by the time we are four years old. The ease with which we learn as children and the design of our entire lives are heavily predicated on what happens in those first years. (Thirty Million, p. 51)
  • Look for ideas. Scan our QR codes to play the sounds or read our lovely short stories (in German)                                                    (available in 3+ months and 6+month sets)
  • Tie the cards together to take them with you or use our HANNIline loop to hang them near to your baby.

... and should the cards become dirty, you can easily clean them using a damp cloth.


Thirty Million Words, Building a Child’s Brain, by Dana Suskind, M.D., and Beth Suskind, 2015, Dutton